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ECLAP 2012 Conference Workshop: Natural Europe Learning Pathways

WORKSHOP/Section of ECLAP 2012 Conference

Natural Europe Learning Pathways

Chair: Sofia Mavrogianni, Xenofon Tsilibaris
Natural Europe aims to promote extensive and proper exploitation of digital cultural content found in European digital libraries regarding natural history and environmental education.
The Natural Europe approach is in line with the recommendations of the High Level Group on Science Education for the provision of increased opportunities for cooperation between schools and science museums for the development of a renewed pedagogy for the future of Europe.
Participants in the proposed workshop are introduced to the educational pathways concept and web tools specifically developed for the Natural Europe Project in order to create ICT learning experiences, i.e. educational pathways in the field of Performing Arts, Mass Access and Entertainment.
The proposed workshop consists of an introduction to the Natural Europe approach and the educational pathways notion and their pedagogical value along with the basics on how to design them. Furthermore, they will be informed on how to further develop their pathways following the workshop completion.
An educational pathway is a pre-defined pattern of exploring new meanings or spaces, through learning activities. It can be highly structured (with every step thoroughly designed) or open (eligible for changes through the navigation). The Natural Europe approach is to implement educational pathways in order to enhance the visit into the museum.

Target Audience

The ‘Natural Europe Learning Pathways’ workshop aims to offer to formal and adult educators (such as school teachers or other education practitioners) the means to design and create their own educational pathways through the digital cultural heritage collections for the performing arts. Through use of IT and digital libraries, teachers will be offered the means and opportunity to introduce new educational approaches.

Objectives of the workshop

Natural Europe is mainly focusing on the education that is taking place in the science museums. In this workshop the Natural Europe team will bring the educational pathways concept in the Performing Arts field, aiming to enhance the educational experience with a more interactive and entertaining way, using the new technologies and innovative learning methods.
The ‘Natural Europe Learning Pathways’ workshop intends to:
•    introduce an enhanced paradigm of access, usage and incorporation of educational material related to cultural heritage collections for Performing Arts within the formal and informal education contexts
•    promote interconnection between the Inquiry-based educational model and creative and “edutaining” educational practices
•    put forward this alternative way of Performing Arts education through training of the academic community

Provisioned Agenda

First Session:  
 Introduction to Natural Europe  
Learn about the Natural Europe project

Introduction to Natural Europe Pathway Concept 
What is a pathway & how is it structured
Second Session:  
Natural Europe pathway Tool Demo
  • Show 2 fully developed pathways

- One inquiry based and on game based pathway

  • Show how a pathway can be developed
- Show how to “Add resources”
- Show how to “Create a new pathway”
Briefly show how to add basic metadata

How to further develop my pathway after the workshop
  • Coming up with some pathway ideas
 - Developing My Educational Pathway in the Performing Arts, Mass Access and Entertainment
Communication details

 Ways in which the audience is encouraged to participate

During the first section a discussion with the participants regarding possible thematology for pathways will take place, based on the participants’ preferences. In the second section the participants will be introduced to technology-based tools that enhance pathways with additional resources and web-based information. A special section of the workshop will regard continuation and finalization of the participants’ work following workshop completion. Overall, through participation to the ‘Natural Europe Learning Pathways’ workshop, participants will become part of a constantly expanding social network for the performing arts community that exploits innovative and creative educational methods.

Outcome measures

The workshop outcomes will be documented via the pathways’ status of the participants. Additionally, discussion with the participants will be carried out and questionnaires will be distributed to the participants upon workshop completion.




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