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  • ECLAP Action List
    the action list of eclap project, started with version 0.5, August 2010, Please send contributions, updates, and corrections to Paolo Nesi
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  • ECLAP-DEX-X-X-Deliverable-Model
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  • ECLAP-kickoff-meeting-minute-
    ECLAP-kickoff-meeting-minute-v2-1, final version, July 2010
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  • SLIDES ECLAP-kickoff-meeting-july-2010-v2-8
    SLIDES ECLAP-kickoff-meeting-july-2010-v2-8.ppt
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  • ECLAP overview slide internal
    ECLAP-overview-August-2010 first version August 2010, to be finalised to be published on PDF only
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  • ECLAP meeting form
    ECLAP meeting form, to collect names and signatures of participants to eclap meetings
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  • ECLAP data collection, DC form
    ECLAP data collection form to be provided on a bimonthly basis. This spreadsheet is made of different sheets related to different cost categories. You will find instruction on how to fill in ...
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  • ECLAP overview slides
    ECLAP project overview slides, first version July 2010
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  • Master Class Data Modeling
    Master Class Data Modeling Objectives, Principles and Standards in the Europeana Data Model (EDM) The Europeana Plenary Conference: Creation, Collaboration and Copyright: September 14/15 2009
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  • Slides First Requirements Meeting
    The Powerpoint slides that were used on the day of the requirements meeting. Please note that detailed minutes of the meeting will be available shortly.
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