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对象列表组: ECLAP Best Practice Network

  • ECLAP DE4.1 Metadata descriptors Identification and Definition
    This report includes the identified metadata and their corresponding semantics in relationship with those of Europeana, taking into account all kind of annotations coming from the several ...
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  • The European Guidelines for: rights metadata element
    The European Data Provider and Data Aggregator That agreements require data providers to apply statement about the rights status of the digital objects submitted Described in the metadata to ...
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  • The New Renaissance
    For centuries, libraries, archives and museums from across Europe have been the custodians of our rich and diverse cultural heritage. They have preserved and provided access to the testimonies ...
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  • Introduction to the Europeana SIP CREATOR
    Collaboration and the Europeana Group of Projects Meeting,” The Hague, 29 September 2010
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  • Master Class Data Modeling
    Master Class Data Modeling Objectives, Principles and Standards in the Europeana Data Model (EDM) The Europeana Plenary Conference: Creation, Collaboration and Copyright: September 14/15 2009
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  • Definition of the Europeana Data Model elements
    Definition of the Europeana Data Model elements, version 5.1 6/4/2010 Europeana 1.0
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