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Performing Arts Digital Collections for the New Millennium

Keynote Speakers


Performing Arts Digital Collection for the New Millennium

9-10 June 2011,  
La Bellone – Maison Du Spectacle

Rue de Flandre 46,  B-1000 Bruxelles


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Performing Arts Digital Collection for the New Millennium
Keynote Speakers

WORKSHOP 1  - Tools for Performing Arts Digital Libraries  


Michal Masa
CIANT - International Centre for Art and New Technologies

Michal Masa graduated with his PhD in Computer Science at Czech Technical University in Prague in 2007. His current research directions are long term digital preservation and knowledge representation. He closely cooperates with International Centre or Art and New Technologies in Prague (CIANT), where he managed several international projects including EU co-funded FP6-IST Integrated Project CASPAR (Cultural, Artistic and Scientific knowledge for Preservation, Access and Retrieval) in 2006-2009. Other areas of interest include distributed systems, virtual reality and motion capturing. He has published several papers at various international conferences including Eurographics.

Gavin Clarke
The National Theatre Archive

Gavin Clarke is archivist at the National Theatre and Lecturer in History of Theatre at London South Bank University. At the NT Gavin is in charge of the archive management, recording live event filming, web development, conservation and preservation.  NT Archive includes video and audio recordings of productions and Platforms, costume “bibles”, stage management reports, music scores and press reviews. Gavin is also member of the Theatre Information Group (TIG), the subject specialist network for museums, libraries and archives of the performing arts in the UK.


WORKSHOP 2 -Theatrical Education and training: on e-tools for education and research


Shiva Kumar Naspuri
Development Producer, Learning Development BBC Learning Innovations
Shiva works as a Development Producer at BBC Learning Innovations. An observer of world's firsts and with a strong background in user-centred design, he loves to take advantage of the everyday technological advances in improving the learning experiences of all demographics. At the BBC, he has been producing multiplatform projects and studying the implications of technology on education and human behaviour. His research project Whyr explored user generated content and social networking within the context of a kid's learning in a safe environment. Other projects of his explored on how content syndication could benefit the end user and an organization, how to make sense of public data in a classroom and using augmented reality for educational purposes. He also has experience developing learning content for corporates like Microsoft, EDS, Intel, Colgate-Palmolive and The North Face.

Richard Beacham
King's Visualisation Lab, King's College London

A native of Virginia, Professor Beacham earned his BA and doctorate at Yale University. At Yale College he studied ancient history and classics, and earned his DFA at the Yale School of Drama in dramaturgy, theatre history, criticism, and dramatic literature. He has made his home in the UK since 1974. From 1976 until 2005 he worked at the University of Warwick, where he co-founded its School of Theatre Studies. He has also worked as a visiting Professor at Yale and at the University of Santa Barbara, and spent a year as a “Museum Scholar” at the Getty Centre in Los Angeles. He has translated and published comedies by Plautus, and produced and directed these. While at the Getty Museum he oversaw the professional production of a Roman comedy (using his translation) and presented upon a replica Roman temporary stage based upon his research. His translation has also been presented at the National Theatre of Great Britain. He and the research team he lead, the King’s Visualisation Lab, came to King’s College London in 2005. He is a leading international authority on the use of the computer based research and 3D visualisation of historical buildings and artefacts.


WORKSHOP 3 - IPR and Business Models


Ñusta Nina
Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences


Ñusta Nina is lecturer Information and Media Law at the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam. She was a legal counsel for EYE Film Institute Netherlands and in this capacity worked on European Film Gateway.
European Film Gateway will be the European portal for audiovisual heritage, disclosing content from European film archives.
Ñusta was in charge of reporting to the European Commission on the copyright situation in Europe regarding audiovisual content and digitization. She has also written a guide to clearing copyright of audiovisual works, which is being used by the European Film Gateway- partners.
Ñusta holds a MA in International and European Law and a MA in Information Law.

Johan Axhamn
Stockholm University, Sweden

Between November 2010 and May 2011 Johan Axhamn has been conducting research at the Institute for Information Law (IViR) at the University of Amsterdam on the Nordic Extended Licensing model in relation to the Europeana project. This project will result in a Europeana Connect ECL report on practical solutions for cross-border access, available in Q3 2011.
Johan is a PhD candidate in private law at Stockholm University, Sweden, where he conducts research and is a teacher in intellectual property law. His PhD project deals with the EU database directive, especially the sui generis database right and its interfaces with competition law and fundamental rights. Prior to his research at IViR Johan was a visiting intellectual property scholar at Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts at Columbia Law School, New York. Johan is currently Sweden’s expert and delegate to the WIPO Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore (IGC). He is also a former special adviser to the Ministry of Justice in Sweden, with special focus on copyright and enforcement issues – inter alia in relation to the ACTA negotiations during the Swedish Presidency of the EU in the fall of 2009. Johan also held the position as a special advisor during 2006-07 when he was secretary of a Swedish Government ministry inquiry on Copyright and the Internet, authoring a report on several contemporary policy issues in copyright.
Johan has authored a book and several articles on copyright and the database right. He is member of several professional organizations, such as the Swedish Copyright Society (the Swedish branch of ALAI), the Swedish Society for industrial property (the Swedish branch of AIPPI), the International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property (ATRIP), the Swedish Society for Computers and Law and the Swedish Network for European Legal Studies.




Performing Arts Digital Collection for the New Millennium

Date & Venue

9-10 June 2011


La Bellone – Maison Du Spectacle asbl

Rue de Flandre 46

B-1000 Bruxelles


How to reach La Bellone

Metro 1, 5 (Sainte Catherine or De Brouckère) and Tramway 3, 4 (Bourse or De Brouckère)



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Registration is open through June 6, 2011. Participation in the workshops is free of charge but space is limited.




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