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Publicerad av root Mån, 2013-06-03 12:51

Mobilizing the languages of making
A workshop on dance criticism by Jeroen Peeters
09th to 13th July.2013, Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória, Porto

How do choreographers work today? How do they speak about their method? In newspapers artists are interviewed about their world-view, in the weekend editions about their lives, and in specialised journals about their artistic intentions and poetics. Yet seldom are they addressed as makers, which renders the languages of making inaccessible and inexistent even for interested audiences. How can one make a start with documenting, discussing and sharing the hybrid and heterogeneous practices that underpin the performing arts today? How can the informal and embodied discourses, as well as the implicit knowledge they carry, find a wider recognition and accessibility? Here is a task for dance criticism to reinvent itself in dialogue with artists and their practice. And a task for artists to exchange about their methods and ways of embedding critical reflection in their creative processes.

The workshop will look into the "languages of making", which include the various oral and informal discourses at work in the dance studio, but also the notebook and the workspace of the artist as important tools in the creation process. We'll be reading and discussing some key texts. We'll exchange with visiting artists (tba) from various fields about their working method. And we'll make a start with documenting and reflecting upon one another's languages of making through writing, speech or otherwise. The workshop is open to artists, critics and students interested in discourses on dance.

Jeroen Peeters is an essayist, dramaturge and performer based in Brussels. He publishes on dance, performance and art theory in various books and specialized media, such as corpus, Dance Theatre Journal and Etcetera. Since 2002, Peeters has been co-directing Sarma, a laboratory for discursive practices and expanded publications within the field of dance and beyond ( Interested in documenting the heterogeneous "languages of making", he set up several dialogical projects with artists, which resulted for instance in a book in collaboration with Meg Stuart, Are we here yet? (2010). In 2012, Peeters received the Dutch literary award Pierre Bayle for his body of work in dance criticism. Artistic collaborations in the field of dance with a.o. Eleanor Bauer, Julien Bruneau, Deufert+Plischke, Martin Nachbar, Colette Sadler, Meg Stuart and Superamas. The dance performance Die Unbändigen, created in collaboration with Jack Hauser, Satu Herrala and Sabina Holzer, opened in December 2012 at Tanzquartier Wien. Peeters has taught dramaturgy at the SNDO (Amsterdam), the HZ Tanz (Berlin), the Institute for applied theatre studies (Giessen) and Teak (Helsinki).