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Cross Media Content Based Information Retrieval Facility based on ECLAP images

Publicerad av root Tis, 2012-09-04 18:13

The trial of ECLAP for Content Based Information Retrieval allows you to test the usage of different CBIR algorithms (selecting them from the list box that appears on the left side, once you selected the first image from the entry page) in finding similarities and thus in producing recommendations among images, video, documents, animations, and thus among CROSS MEDIA coming from ECLAP service and archive (Http://

The demonstrator is going to compare against those presented other recommendations systems that you can find from ECLAP itself and which are presently based on text analysis. The full data set presently consists of about 100.000 objects coming from: images, documents and video cross media objects of ECLAP. The indexing model adopted an accelerator that allows you to obain the similar objects in a very fast manner and can scale up to millions of content items.


More information on technical aspects.