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How to join ECLAP

Become an ECLAP partner now!

Are you a performing arts or cultural institution, a theatre,a performing arts festival, library, a research centre, university,  project?
Are you interested in being part of the ECLAP network?
Are you interested in joining the ECLAP experts group and Working Groups? 


Potential affiliated partners can participate in one of the three following categories

Networking Partners

Content Partners

Technical Partners

Depending upon which of these categories applies to you and your institution,
you can contribute in a number of different ways, namely by:

  • contributing to the ECLAP and Europeana through the provision content
  • participating in the debate of working groups (e.g., the drafting of best practices guidelines, coursework production, content enrichment and aggregation)
  • participating in ECLAP conferences, workshops
  • contributing to the dissemination activities
  • participating in the surveys

The collaboration between external institutions/experts and ECLAP is formalised by means of an Affiliation Agreement, which clarifies its terms and conditions. Currently, two different Affiliation Agreements are available, depending on the type of collaboration:

1. Institutions interested both in becoming ECLAP content providers and in participating in the activities of the ECLAP Working Groups


2. Institutions/experts willing to contribute to the activities of the ECLAP Working Groups

ECLAP Networking Agreement - Eng Version 

Choose the form of cooperation which best suits your interests!

Contact us at with a short note indicating your interests and competences.
After, the project coordinator will send you an invitation to sign an Affiliation Agreement


Visit our Working Group and Experts Pages and
learn more about the ECLAP activities following the links below:

ECLAP Best Practice Network:

The ECLAP Consortium

ECLAP Best Practice Network:

Working Groups & Workshops

ECLAP Best Practice Network:

Our Experts & User Group Members


ECLAP - Signed Affiliation Agreement

Full Affiliation Agreement
Fondazione Annamode - (Italy)
ArchiBraille - Associazione Culturale (Italy)
FFEAC Fondazione Fabbrica Europa per le Arti Contemporanee (Italy)

IG - Grotowski Institute (Poland)

NInA - Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny, (Poland)
DigiLab - Centre for Research in Digital Arts and Humanities (Italy)
Irtem - Istituto di Ricerca per il Teatro Musicale (Italy)
ANSC - The Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (Italy)
TeatroNapoletano - Teatro Napoletano (Italy)
AdDuasLauros - Ad Duas Lauros (Italy)
DISAH - Department of Information Systems for Arts and Humanities, (Russia)
DigitalMeetsCulture - Digital Meets Culture (Italy)
Cielos - Festival Cielos del Infinito (Chili)
LiberLiber - Liber Liber (Italy)
BuenoCulturalAss - Bueno Cultural Association
Networking Agreement
Facolta' di Lettere e Filosofia, Universita' degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata" (Italy)
Faculty of Arts Design and Technology, University of Derby, (UK)
University of South Africa, Pretoria (South Africa)






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