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Automatic and Sequential annotations for MyStoryPlayer

Ki jih je objavila root Sre, 2012-08-01 12:33

On ECLAP portal and in other contexts there are several videos that are suitable for some new kind of annotations.
There are many videos coming from the same event and divided in sequential/synchronized parts that can be collected and annotated with the purpose of building a playable structure in which the user can navigate and view them in a interactive and synchronized manner on MyStoryPlayer facility.


In figure 1, an example of Toni Servillo videos which are present in the portal is show.   


Figure 1:example of structure annotation with Tony Servillo lab videos

see full description on training page.

In the above Figure 1, two arrows are present, indicating the entry point in the non linear structure.
If a user enters in the point indicated by the blue arrow (by accessing to the MyStoryPlayer icon   3 on that video ), the story will begin from there. While entering from another icon could lead you to start from the red arrow, see  the story from there .