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Networking and Group Creation

Networking and Collaboration

In ECLAP, the users may exploit a number of networking activities among them:

  • creating and participating to groups
  • creating and participating to forum discussions in the groups
  • commenting, tagging, and voting/rating content
  • annotating audiovisual content
  • inviting colleagues to join ECLAP and accessing content
  • sending recommendations to access at content
  • sharing content and information
  • uploading your content
  • importing contacts via the open inviter (from your personal page)
  • see the activities of your colleagues (from your profile)
  • participating to workshops and conferences
  • Social Graph: to graphically see and navigate among the semantic relationships in ECLAP among content, users, collections, annotations, comments, groups, etc


You can invite your contacts and friendships by importing them from other mailers (such as google, yahoo, etc.) and social networks. You will be the only one entitled to use these contacts to make invitation to join ECLAP and/or to create a friendship with you. More than 30 different sources are available. in some case providing email in other only names. This functionality if accessible with this link, and from your on Edit Profile.
This means that, once you have the contacts/emails of your colleagues you can select those at which you would like to send the invitation, ONLY. If some of the your colleagues are already present in ECLAP, the system will inform you who they are and gives you the possibility of sending them a direct internal invitation of connection.
The list of your own contacts is accessible from that link.

How to create a new group on ECLAP 

In ECLAP, any registered users may request to create a new group. The requests for the creation of a new group are analyzed by the ECLAP coordinator and board members. The groups are typically dedicated to content distribution, and to discuss about some thematic aspect or to create a sort of content channel.
If you have the interest to create and manage a group on ECLAP portal, please send an email to ECLAP coordinator ( Your email should include:
  • a short title/name of the group/channel;
  • one or more group coordinators with their user name in ECLAP portal, their registration nickname;
  • purposes and/or objectives of the group/channel;
  • type of content that could be uploaded/accepted into the group/channel by the registered users to the group, if any;
  • type of users and/or communities that the group/channel could attract.
If you are an institution, and association or a company, please take note that affiliated partners have the right to create their own group. Institutions, associations, firms and groups may be interested in setting up a group to valorize their content and/or to create a space (web pages, forum and content collection) in which their own discussions, content, activities are managed and organized in a visible manner with respect to the whole ECLAP performing art community. To become affiliated to ECLAP you have to sign an affiliation agreement. All interested institutions and stakeholders are invited to register, and to join the community via the Affiliation, see this link for more information.
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