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You can access and use the following material to promote ECLAP.

Promotional slides and flyers of ECLAP:


Promotional Video

ECLAP promotional film
This is the final version of the promotional short movie of ECLAP.

Promotional banner

You are free to promote ECLAP on your Website by inserting the following banner using the HTML code specified below.
ECLAP Best Practice Network
<a href=""><img src="" alt="ECLAP Best Practice Network" width="320" height="80" /></a>



To be used only by authorised partners.
Please access to the ECLAP Support Page for additional information.

Other Material

Contact the organization at to have some compies of the posters and flyers to use them in your area. Flyers are periodically updated containing the list of partners.
ECLAP poster
ECLAP poster 

ECLAP DE7.3 technical flyer 
ECLAP technical flyer  

ECLAP Flyer 
ECLAP, the European Collected Library of Artistic Performance, is the new online archive for all performing arts in Europe, funded by the European Commission. For the first time, the collections of the most important European performing arts institutions and archives are available online through the ECLAP Portal, as well as through Europeana, the European digital library. ECLAP also provides innovative and unique solutions and tools to help performing arts institutions manage and make their collections accessible.
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