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The history of theatre, the earliest known form of virtual reality, is brought vividly to life in an online teaching and research tool. Theatron features interactive real time walkthroughs of highly accurate 3D models of present and past theatres.
Austrian Theatre Museum
The Austrian Theatre Museum presents exhibitions on the themes central to the history of theatre-from spoken theatre to dance, from puppet shows to cinema and from pantomime to opera.
AHDS Performing Arts
AHDS Performing Arts collects, documents, preserves and promotes the use of digital resources to support research and teaching across the broad field of the performing arts: music, film, broadcast arts, theatre, dance.
The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Archive Catalogue      
The Trust's archive collections are held by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office (SBTRO), with the exception of the archives of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) and some other theatre records, which are held by the Shakespeare Centre Library (SCL).  This catalogue covers the combined collections. 
An international online video archive for dance aims at the formation of the first digital audio-visual database related to the world of dance, referencing performances records, adaptations and/or fictions, documentaries and educational resources.
SUDOC is the portal of all Colleges libraries in France.
Finding Shakespeare
This blog was developed by the Collections Team at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.
They compile digital stories from their collections that bring a greater light on Shakespeare's work, life and times.
The Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre (GSRT)
The Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre (GSRT) was founded in 1990 to promote and support innovation in the performing arts.
GloPAC is an international organization of institutions and individuals committed to using innovative digital technologies to create easily accessible, multimedia, and multilingual information resources for the study and preservation of the performing arts.
Theatre Theatre Library Association
Founded in 1937, the Theatre Library Association supports librarians and archivists affiliated with theatre, dance, performance studies, popular entertainment, motion picture and broadcasting collections.
Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art       
NIDA is Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art, a centre of excellence in training for theatre, film and television.
The Arts Centre Melbourne
The Performing Arts Collection Directory provides visitors with an overview of what is in the Collection.
QPAC Museum
The QPAC Museum collects and preserves the State's performing arts heritage, as well as maintaining QPAC’s event archives, and provides community access to the collection through exhibitions and research facilities.
Performing Arts Programs and Ephemera (PROMPT)
Gamelan Sekar Java
This is a website of a non-profit organization dedicating to the research, studies and Balinese arts performance.
Website for the Taipei museum
Performing Arts Japan
Sites on Japan’s Performing Arts

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