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  • Biblioteche italiane

    Giovanni Solimine ci scrive per segnalare la situazione davvero insostenibile in cui versano le biblioteche italiane, con bilanci ridotti al lumicino e un rapido depauperamento delle risorse umane.

    Come forse avrete letto sui giornali, martedi' 11 ottobre era prevista un'assemblea alla Biblioteca Nazionale per discutere di questa grave crisi: l'iniziativa era partita da alcune associazioni  (Associazione italiane biblioteche, Forum del libro, Generazione TQ etc.) e dai lavoratori dello spettacolo che hanno occupato il Teatro Valle.
    All'ultimo momento il direttore ha negato l'autorizzazione e al nostro arrivo abbiamo trovato i cancelli sbarrati e un cordone di poliziotti in tenuta antisommossa.
    Alle diverse associazioni che avevano promosso l'iniziativa sembra necessario un forte coinvolgimento, attraverso un appello pubblico, e l'avvio di altri momenti di discussione all'interno delle biblioteche.
    Potete leggere l'appello seguendo questo link.
    Tra i primi firmatari figurano gia'  due professori emeriti del nostro Dipartimento. Se ne condividete il testo, sarei molto contento di una vostra adesione, che potra' avvenire on line attraverso la pagina web che vi ho segnalato.Vi prego anche di far circolare l'appello fra i vostri conoscenti.

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  • ECLAP user surveys

    ECLAP is holding surveys in order to collect feedback about what people think of the current version of the ECLAP portal and the needs of (prospective) educational users, so we can further improve it to suit their needs. For this, we would kindly ask you to help us, by completing one (or both) of the two surveys we have prepared:
    • A general survey aimed at all types of users, which is designed to collect feedback about the current version of the portal. It consists of 34 questions and it will take about 15-20 minutes to fill out. You can find this survey here.
    • A survey for those involved in performing arts education as a teacher, researcher or student. This questionnaire is specifically aimed at identifying needs, interests and use of digital heritage in Performing Arts education and for which prior knowledge of the ECLAP portal is not required. The survey consists of 41 questions and it will take about 15-20 minutes to fill it out. You can find this survey here.

    We will randomly give away three Amazon €50 gift vouchers to those that complete one or both of the ECLAP surveys!

    Please complete the survey(s) before 10 December 2011. If you have any questions, please contact Lotte Belice Baltussen (lbbaltussen [at]

    Thanks in advance for your time and feedback.

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  • Europeana and the newly-founded Digital Public Library of America will work together

    Europeana and the newly-founded Digital Public Library of America [DPLA] have announced that we will work together:
    Jill Cousins and Robert Darnton, Harvard Librarian and member of the DPLA Steering Committe, released the joint press statement in Washington on Friday, 21 October.
    The principles of agreement are:
    • our systems and data interoperable to the greatest possible extent.
    • promote open access to the greatest possible extent through joint existing and new policies concerning content, data, and metadata
    • collaborate regularly in developing specific aspects of our systems, beginning with: an interoperable data model, a shared source code, co-operative collection building.
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  • ECLAP new feature: QR coding to shortening access to content

    A bar code, as that presented in this blog, is automatically generated for each ECLAP content and can be copied from the technical metadata on the right panel when you play/see the content. This bar code kind area called QR and can be used to access at the content directly from your mobile phone. There are many applications that you can take do it. You are free to copy past those QR in any place you like: in your book, share with friends, send by email, post on social networks, use in cards, etc.

    If you use our Content Organizer mobile App (available for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android) it is possible to perform a direct download on your device.
    Enjoy ECLAP style of accessing performing arts and educational content.

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  • NEW ECLAP feature: sorting and filtering your query results is possible

    we have activated on the portal another important requested feature:

    "the possibility of sorting the results of the query"

    This feature can be combined with faceted results, so that all query results and faceted filtering can be sorted by:
    • publishing date
    • last update date
    • relevance with respect to the query


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