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  • ECLAP content news for February 2012

    Content news, new ingestions, we are now at 68.000 files/records thanks to:


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  • ECLAP new feature: GPS location of content

    Location, the map showing the location referred to the content. The location is based on the longitude and latitude contained in the object metadata and these information are reported below the map as GPS information. Please note that if the user is close to the location inside a range of 500 meters to the location, after the GPS information, in brackets will be shown an estimation of the distance. If the user is using the Content Organizer application for mobile devices, and the GPS has been activated, the user will receive automatic notifications about content with GPS information close to its position
    SNOW The map in the object metadata is interactive. One example of object with GPS coordinates is: DISIT with the snow. So  that click on this image to see an object with GPS. Different colors for locators would be used to mark different kind of obejcts.
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  • ECLAP Content Organizer for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7 are available

    ECLAP Content Organizer for Smatphones and Tablets Mobile . The Content Organizer is a tool that allows you to access and download content from ECLAP portal. Once the content is downloaded you can manage your personal collection of content into your mobile device, search content, browse, get information, etc. The mobile devices supported are iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and Windows Phone 7. Some differences are available on the different platforms. In the most powerful version, the Content Organizer may organize and play ePub, video, audio, cross media content, images, pdf, etc, may start download from QR (see the technical metadata of each content), may access to content via GPS locations, my permit upload of content from your mobile, etc.

    iPhone/iPad, iOS, Content Organizer: go on App Store search for Content Organizer, download and freely install on your device. The Content Organizer for iOS is most porfull, it is capable to download, collected, search and play with ePub, video, audio, documents, cross media content, images, pdf, etc.; may start download from QR (see the technical metadata of each content), may access to content via GPS locations, my permit upload of content from your mobile, etc.

    Windows Phone 7, Content Organizer: go on the Microsoft MarketPlace and search for Content Organizer, download and install on your mobile. Additional information can be obtained from the following links for:

    Android, Content Organizer: You can request it by sending an email to

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  • Job Position Offer at ECLAP

    ECLAP DSI partner, which is the coordinator of ECLAP activities (, is looking for a full time promoter and manager in the area of Performing Arts. The full time position available is for a person that should take in charge the management of new affiliations, attracting and engaging performing arts institutions in Europe to involve them in ECLAP and use related services. Candidates should be graduated, strongly motivated, fluent in 2 main languages including English, should have good human relationships, good openess, good feeling with technologies and social networking, etc. The interested candidates should contact Paolo Nesi at and within the 15 of December 2011, and sending their CV with their past experiences.
    You are free to redistribute this announce to all interested people and via any channel.

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