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ECLAP 2012 Conference Exposition and Demo Section

Wearable Dynamics: Interactive audio visuals workshop

Paola Tognazzi


The workshop explores the intersection between performances, digital artefacts, and virtual environments, to develop concepts and compositional strategies for the creation of immersive physical storytelling environments.
It applies creativity to digital technologies that highlight our relationship with machines and visualize how we interact with each other. It's a hands on workshop of production and interpretation of audio visuals contents: interactive drawings, texts, music, audios and choreographies using Wearable_SuperNow, an interactive instrument multi users made of wearable bracelets, Wii, Iphones and Ipods.

It allows the participants to control and manipulate the audio visual material, transforming the landscapes through the movements of the whole body.

The sensors in the Iphones capture the data produced by the movements. The software Wearable_dynamics analyses and modulate them, in a way that the sounds and drawings are interactive to the energy of the movements.


How it works

The participants by interacting with the iphones/iPods:
1. Control with their movements the tempo of the audio tracks

2. Create scenographics drawings

3. Interact in the space with 3 other persons each
of them with their iPhone/ipod

4. Compose together live music and
5. Exchange the audio tracks from a sensor to another through the permutation system, by pressing the buttons on the Iphone screen.

This experience allows practices that make emerge elaborated possibilities of the body, starting off of direct and immediate results. It animates the participants to play with the instrument and the body, offering a dynamic and immediate understanding of the interaction and the relation between the body and the technology of motion capture.
Workshop's structure:

• First an explanation about how the interactive system works and its technique with a demonstration

• Programming class of visuals using Processing and integration of the drawings with Wearable_dynamics interactive system

• Each participant individually or in group develops drawing codes, texts and audios that will be recorded directly in the system

• It will follow physical exploration of the connections between the movement of the body, the sound and the visuals, using the produced material and the sensors

• Collaborative presentations of the results through mini performances. Intelligence only arise from human interaction. The students will create, collaboratively, abstract or storytelling projects composing and layering the content generated during the week

Technical requirements

  • 1 Mac OSX. 1 directional microphone, 2/4 loudspeakers.
  • 4 movement capture sensors and their bracelets.
  • The teacher provides:
  • 1 Mac osx,1 directional microphone, 4 movement capture sensors and their bracelets.
  • Software used
  • W_Dynamics and Processing


Interactive visualizations by Paola Tognazzi




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