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What is stated about us:

Dario Fo and Franca Rame (20 October 2011): "Working with ECLAP - we intend so support  the program of preservation and valorization and social use of the artistic heritage; this is possible thanks to ECLAP by a unique portal to access at the performing arts material with diffusion in the Europeana digital library" / "Aderendo a ECLAP – sottolinea Fo – intendiamo sostenerne il programma di conservazione valorizzazione e uso sociale del patrimonio artistico, reso possibile da un portale unico di accesso delle arti performative con diffusione nella Digital Library di Europeana''.

Innovation Selected from the Italy of Innovators

ECLAP is based on several innovative technologies; 2 of those technologies were developed by DISIT DSI University of Florence and at present they have been selected by the Italian National Agency for the Diffusion of Innovative Technologies, at the Premiership of the Italian Ministry Council. They are defined as “Innovations selected by the Italian Innovators”, namely "Innovazioni selezionate dall’Italia degli Innovatori" in Italian language. Other two technologies developed by DISIT DSI University of Florence have been selected as well and can be accessed on the DISIT web site.
The 2 innovations which have been selected and are currently exploited in ECLAP are: 

  • Cross Media Learning Management System: see the linked page at the Ministry portal, or see the link at DISIT DSI University of Florence. This innovation focuses on the Social Media engine used in ECLAP (this portal), in Mobile Medicine and in The innovation also includes: (i) the support for collaborative and social model for eLearning and cultural heritage, (ii) the usage of cross media intelligent content used on the portal and the mobile tools to access it via iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows phone, (iii) the support for content access and eLearning on multichannel, (iv) the usage of semantic tools for media annotation such as MyStoryPlayer.
  • Content Processing Media Grid: see the linked page at the Ministry portal, or see the link at DISIT DSI University of Florence; This innovation (called AXCP, AXMEDIS Content Processing tool) has been initially developed within the AXMEDIS Project, while it has been strongly improved during last years, thus adding innovative functionalities and robustness. In general terms, the innovative solution consists in a language for programming multimedia grid for semantic computing and processing. The solution has been identified as one the most innovative solution for media processing, by other Research and Innovation agencies and it is also described in IEEE Multimedia, IEEE Computer Soc Press, paper being in printing in 2011, and in other papers. The AXCP innovative tool can be used for a very large range of media computing applications ranging from DRM to P2P monitoring, from adaption to distribution and CDN, semantic computing, etc.
    • Content Processing Media Grid (AXCP) see this video on ECLAP
    • In ECLAP it is used as follows for the:
      • automated adaptation of content during ingestion, so as to produce the content for PC and mobiles and manage cross media content;
      • automated calculation of semantic distances among users and objects and among objects and objects, with clustering technologies;
      • automated social network management.


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