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ECLAP solved and pending problems and desiderata, FAQ

ECLAP recently SOLVED problems, or at least we hope to have solved them (please leave a comment):

The following comments reported in italics have been collected during user trials and tests, and from a past soundage. The texts are mainly reported as they were written and DO NOT REFER to the portal in the present version but to the version at the time of testing.
  • The home page of the user is rigid and the social graph is not needed, If the options like social graph, calendar etc. are necessary it should be very easy to disable them. The home page of the person should be more personally shaped.
    • SOLVED: The Home Page of the user can be fully customized with the order of segments, suggestions, content lists, etc., to be presented and with the possibility of closing them, including the closure of the Social Graph. Most of the users appreciated the Social Graph, so that we left them the possibility to close it on/off. The selection and the movement of section is very easy and drag and drop. The configuration is remembered from one section to another and from one computer to another.
    • The users can also define which block on the right side they would like to have. The selection can be performed on their profile.
  • Animated icons for video are distracting, too many impulses when enter the portal: too many things move and change giving the impression of chaos.
    • SOLVED, static icons are now the only available. The animated icons for videos have been removed.
  • See preferably with larger font size for a better reading experience (for example for seeing-impaired visitors) and less distracting elements,
    • SOLVED: the whole portal page can be scaled up and down in fonts by pressing button Ctrl and the SCROLL. ECLAP is fully compliant on this directive of accessibility and compatibility with browsers.
  • the address of content items/pages in the address bar of the browser shows lengthy names. Is there a way to create a field in the meta data editor to bypass this method and create the opportunity to overrule this name
  • The registration process seems to be too complex, the captcha not really easy to understand, the fact that the registration is performed in two step and there is the need of clicking in the received email to confirm the registration is not clear.
    • SOLVED:  the captcha has been simplified, larger fonts and easier to be read.
    • COMMENT: the registration process is going to be simplified, with better and more evident comments about the steps to be performed, and the fact that the user has to respond to an email to confirm the registration process. All the comments and alerts have to be more visible and clear for the users.
  • In most cases, important messages to the users are reported in normal text on top of the central page. They are not much visible to the user that need to be informed of relevant action that he has to do or that have been done successfully for him.
    • SOLVED: a new modality of messaging to the user from the portal has been created. BLUE Rounded boxes are shown to inform the user and help in getting the message immediatly. They automatically disappear when context is changed.
  • The presentation of metadata elements needs to be reconsidered, turning to a focus on the few most important ones. Suggestion: skip the different tabs, chose two presentations: an simple, elementary one plus a complete overview of all metadata together.
    • SOLVED they have been restructured according to the indication of users
  • The search capabilities for content sometime seems that one searched and the results are not shown.
    • SOLVED: now every time one perform a query from the frontal text box or by using a preformed query (such as, clicking on featured, etc.) the page is aligned/scrolled to show precisely the point in which the search results are shown.
  • the logos on the home page are making a very bad impression. They should be hidden in ABOUT or PARTNERS section.
  • The Automatically Translated texts should be only shown in English.  Multilinguism needs to be improved or removed from the user interface and kept in the infrastructural depths of the search functionality.
    • SOLVED, since all the texts in the user interface has been validated by language experts.
    • SOLVED, the query expansion generate the translations to increase the precision and recall of query performed
  • Make it easy possible to separate trusted content/metadata from user generated content/metadata.
    • SOLVED, at the moment we do not have any user generated content presently. All the content has been provided by qualified content providers. All the user generated content provided would be assessed and passed to the portal only if approved.
  • All logos should be moved to information about project/partners or down to the bottom of the page. The worse is that all logos are visible not only on the main page but also when i work directly with content material. It makes my work as researcher very inconvenient.
    • SOLVED:  the partner logo have been already moved.
    • The remaining logos are going to be moved on the bottom. We cannot remove all of them since the logo of Europeana, European Commission and ICT are mandatory for all EC projects. Moreover, we have also some logo as credits to avoid paying licensing.
  • The results of the query sometime seems to the wrong. For instance if I search in the frontal search box by wiring: Alberto Sordi. The results obtained contain also record that do not perfectly match.
    • COMMENT: this is correct since when you write two words Alberto Sordi the system works like Google. This means that first you will get record with both keywords Alberto and Sordi, then those that contains only Alberto and only Sordi, then those that contains similar words, such as: Albero, Sardi, Surdi, Aleberto, etc... for a total of more than 6000 results. If you would like to search for a perfect match, please write Alberto AND Sordi, thus obtaining only 1600 records now, or even less if you search for the precise string match "Alberto Sordi".
  • The interface of the portal is too heavy and cluttered, clean up, too match functionality which sometimes makes it not user friendly
    • COMMENT: we hope to have solved it. The number of menu subitems has been strongly reducing removing duplications and the number of functionalities esposed at the first level into the menu. Those that have been removed from the menu items are now acessible only in the contextual menus.
  • rich content & meta/data editor for content owners, although a quick and extended mode would improve and simplify/fasten uploading experiences. Too many functionalities presented at once: the drop-down menus on the home page alone contain more than 42(!!!!) options. Most people will get lost on ECLAP immediately.
  • black and orange background of ECLAP portal.
    • COMMENT: the colours have been identfied by a large soundage. Who participated selected the shape and the combination of colours among 8 different solutions. A new round of a soudage would be accessible for the next renovation.
  • The time to see passing content from ECLAP to Europeana is too high.
    • COMMENT: it does not depend on ECLAP. Europeana is taking the content once per month. So that it may depend on the day in which you provide the content.
  • MyStoryPlayer you cannot edit your annotations. You need to delete them and then start over what makes work more difficult.
  • The presentation of the collection content needs to be separated from other content, like project documents. In the structure and handling of documents a clear distinction should be made between heritage collection files and project files. This will improve the search functionality and will result in a better match for users only searching for collection content and not management files.
    • COMMENT: this has been considered a strong fact from other users. Some of the project content has been also requested by the EC to be posted on Europeana.
  • The institutions and workgroups are shown as the same thing when looking at groups. It's really hard to find your way when you have all groups mixed up and you don't know the difference as a person from outside the project.
    • SOLVED: the groups have been divided in two kinds: thematic and content providers, the users can see those list on distinct right side blocks.
  • The splash page is confusing and distracting, in the end it will not result in happy users. Users (new users we guess) should land on a nice, clean starting page with some visual entry points to the ECLAP collections, in which they can also see there is a possibility to register and interact with other performing art lovers.
    • COMMENT: if you are a new user, from the splash, you have the possibility of selecting one of the 5 most relevant issues to understand more about ECLAP. Among them also the promotional video of ECLAP has been placed, that give you an overview of ECLAP aims. It is strongly selected.
    • COMMENT: if you are a returning user, and if you saved the user name and password you land directly on your customizable personalized home page for a personal experience and work on your dedicated and preferred views.

ECLAP desiderata under consideration and work to be done:

  • the length of the texts (referring to web pages) should be reduced
    • COMMENT: it is one of the next actions to be done.
  • I think there is no documentation for the tablet application. I believe that apart from the video tutorial, there should also be a documentation of the application. Also the video tutorial should be sliced into parts explaining one for each of the sub-applications that it contains.
    • COMMENT: for  the manual of the content organizer see the general ECLAP manual and in particular from page:
    • A Specific user manual is going to be produced soon.

If you would like to see also what the users like of ECLAP see page:
If you would like to send other comments and desiderata please contact or leave a comment to this page.

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Does anybody know what actually eclap solved and what were the issues.Here at I have found some great data, however I am not sure that it is full.