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What ECLAP Users like about

ECLAP Content and metadata model, search, they like:
  • very good information realted to all performance art science,
  • amount of materials available,
  • many great content providers from all over Europe!
  • magnificent content,
  • unique possibility to work with performance related content.
  • trans-nationality of the content is fantastic
  • you can see by using flags in which language(s) metadata of an object is available
  • Europeana widget: it is well-designed and does not distract users from the ECLAP page, while at the same time it gives them the chance to explore other online heritage as well

ECLAP Infrastructure, they like
  • stability and performance of the website,
  • stability and reliability of the site.
  • capability of personalize which configuration block you want to use.
  • Mi piace l'approccio in stile social network a web application sofisticate da SEO come l'ingestion di metadati e di contenuti, la possibilità di creare vere community, la continua ricerca e progettazione
  • searching content via the location interface which allows to look for multimedia, or any other kind of information, based on the location of the object that is searched.
  • the portal is available in so many languages
  • content through its graphical interface.
  • you can minimize the blocks on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • the new home for user, very good, compliments!!,
  • overview of the promoted content

ECLAP Content Tools, they like
  • metadata schema is very good and complex
  • Social Graph application which allows the user to intuitively parse through the ECLAP's
  • sustainable access and quick responses to search results
  • digital library tools I enjoy
  • functionality of IPR Wizard and Metadata Panel
  • small icons to show directly the content type is useful
  • possibility to change the quality of every video, very useful
  • MyStoryPlayer is a great tool for education.
  • archiving/showing so many of different metadata elements is great.
  • how related objects are visually presented on the page of a content item.

ECLAP Mobile, Content Organizer, they like
  • the possibility of organizing the content on a mobile device
  • the intuitive form of the ECLAP's tablet applications that allows users to organize their content as they wish based on the Objects and Catalogs sub-applications.

ECLAP Networking, they like
  • networking facilities and social graph  
  • the possibility for users to interact with each other and with the content is great.
  • That's great that ECLAP has a social function and you can meet people using the portal
  • the best part of the site is the best practice network it's just great!!!

These comments have been direcly written by ECLAP users in the last survey.
You can leave your comment directly on this page. Thanks!.

Please also see the page about what the ECLAP user dislike and what we have done to solve those problems, consulting the ECLAP page on Solved and Pending Problems and Desiderata.
There, there is space for you desiderata and comments to improve ECLAP.

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