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How to create a Collection on ECLAP

To create a new collection, the user has to be registered and logged in the portal. When the user decides to create a new collection by aggregating different kind of resources published in the portal, he has to select the “Add to personal collection” item available in the menu Actions on the bottom right of each resource preview box.



Alternatively, a resource can be added to a collection during the play, by clicking on “Add to personal collection” button available on the ACTIONS block on the right column of the webpage (see the figure on the left).

Immediately a new collection is created and a block named ORGANIZE PERSONAL COLLECTIONS is shown on the right column.

Each time a new resource is played and the “Add to personal collection” button is clicked, the resource is added in the top list in the ORGANIZE PERSONAL COLLECTIONS block. This is the first step, since only the resources listed in the top of the block can be added in the collection.


As shown in the figure on the left, in this first phase the ORGANIZE PERSONAL COLLECTION block allows to:

  • Delete resources from the list;
  • Change the position of the single resource in list;
  • Specify the collection title;
  • Delete the collection (if previously created and listed as “unpublished. See later);
  • Add the new collection in the Personal Collection when the collection is defined.


When the “New collection” button is clicked, a new empty collection is added in the personal unpublished collection of the user, and the ORGANIZE PERSONAL COLLECTION block will show the new collection name in the list, as shown in the following figure. Since in this phase the collection is not completed, it is visible only for the “creator” and it is not published for the others users, so that the new collection is listed in the “My unpublished personal collections” list.


To proceed with  the creation of the collection, the user has to select the resources to be added, by selecting them from the list of resources on the top. On the right of the unpublished collection title, the button Add resource(s) is available . by clicking it, the ticked resources are added to the collection and listed below the unpublished collection title.

At the right of each resource listed in the unpublished collection, the button allows to delete the single resource.

When the collection is complete, the user can decide to publish on the portal it by clicking on the Publish collection button .

The new published collection is added in the My published collections list, as shown in figure on the left.

After this, the webpage to add metadata related to the collection is shown. The upload page is similar to the content upload page.

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