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ECLAP 2013 Conference - Corporate/Exhibitor Information

ECLAP 2013 Conference - Corporate/Exhibitor Information

ECLAP 2013 Conference on Information Technologies for Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment
ESMAE/Teatro Helena Sá e Costa
Rua da Alegria, 503 - 4000-045 Porto (Portugal)


The Conference is going to have an Exposition area (guaranteed equipment: a table, with 2 chairs, wi-fi and power). If you are interested to expose your demonstrators, please submit your idea on a two pages proposal containing:

  • title, authors, (reference person), affiliation,
  • purpose/aim
  • you need power supply: yes/no
  • you need network connection or you can avoid: yes/no
  • you need a table and how many chairs: table yes/no, with # chairs
  • number of your people attending the conference and supporting the exposition for the whole duration, staying at the table/booth.

Please note that participants are expected to bring all the necessary equipment to the conference site with them.

In case of particular needs, they have to be discussed with the local organiser soon enough.

Call for Exposition deadline is reported below:

  • Submission of proposal for the Exposition: 31 January 2013 POSTPONED: 6 March 2013
  • Response for the exposition area: 15 February 2013 POSTPONED
  • Conference: 8-10 April 2013

The submission has to be performed by sending the paper in PDF with the Springer format to


Selected Exhibitions

  • Francesca Mereu, Javier Villarroel - VISIONS PROJECT K.1 DIY 3D INTERACTIVE DEVICE.   
  • João Nuno Neto, Maria João Neto - Immersive cultural experience through innovative multimedia applications: The History of Monserrate Palace in Sintra (Portugal) presented by Virtual Agents. 
  • Robert Wechsler - MotionComposer: a device for persons with (and without) disabilities.



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