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ECLAP Users, who they are ?

This page is presenting the last analysis  on ECLAP users.

The following figure reports the distribution of the users in ECLAP in terms of their main activity.
For instance, ECLAP users are for the 3.1% General Managers; for the 10.5% professors; 17.5% researchers, 8.3% of directors, 4.8% performers, 13.5% students, 7.9% archivists, etc.


The following figure reports the percentage of ECLAP users profiles grouped in a few of categories as: educational, researchers, cultural heritage professionals, technicians and performing art professionals.

ECLAP users come from more than 90 different courtries in all continents. The population is dominated by all European coutries, but United States are well represented as Canada, Russia, Alaska, Cina, Korea, Japan, Egipt, Australia, etc.


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