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Metadata mapping examples, converting metadata to ECLAP model

As regard the massive ingestion of metadata in ECLAP and then providing content files.

Click here to get a general overview of  the content ingestion on ECLAP

This facility is the most powerfull solution to upload huge amount of content on ECLAP. To this end, one has to access at the ECLAP Metadata Ingestion Service, to provide there set of metadata as an XML, CSV file formats. They can be directly uploaded as a file or harvested them via a OAI-PMH access, if any. In the latter case, ECLAP Metadata Ingestion Service will crawl your Content Provider archives to acquire the metadata. Once provided the metadata, the content provider has to map the metadata XML structure to the ECLAP metadata XML format (ECLAP Metadata Ingestion Semantic Model), by using the ECLAP Metadata Ingestion Service to define a XSLT that is used in the mapping phase.

For doing this work you can ask the help of our skilled personnel, to follow you during the ingestion process (contact ). Both original metadata sets (those provided by you as Content Provider and the mapped results, together with the XSLT map) are passed to ECLAP portal for storage and preservation for you. Please follows this link to access at the User Manual of ECLAP Metadata Ingestion Service. Please note that the ECLAP Full Semantic Model is much wider and expressive than the simple ECLAP Ingestion Semantic Model; The transformation of you metadata into the ECLAP Full Semantic Model, and from them to Europeana EDM model are performed autoamtically by ECLAP for you!!!

In the following, some examples of mappings from proprietary metadata schemas to the ECLAP metadata ingestion schema are reported.

ARCHIBRAILLE Metadata Mappings

BNG Metadata Mappings

CTA UNIROMA Metadata Mappings

CTFR Metadata Mappings

MUZEUM Metadata Mappings

OSZMI Metadata Mappings

IKP Metadata Mappings

ITB Metadata Mappings

UCAM Metadata Mappings

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