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ECLAP Embed capability, How to include ECLAP content into a web page.

ECLAP Embed capability, How to include ECLAP content into a web page.
This page demonstrates the embedding capabilities of ECLAP content in a web page, third party web page. ECLAP content can be embedded in external web portals. Embedded content can be viewed also on iphone/ipad. In order to embed an ECLAP content you have to follow the following instructions. Moreover, the embed is possible only on content for which the rigth of embed functionality has been granted to your user cathegory.
The content owner can decide "object by object" to allow the embedding or not.
ECLAP content that has been embedded is provided directly from ECLAP portal. So that this model does not violate the IPR model and Terms of Use. Moreover, ECLAP is keeping trace of the portals and pages that have embedded the ECLAP content for each single play, monitoring a full set of information.

The embed functionality is accessible from the Action Menu of each object for example:

If you are enabled to exploit this functionality, once clicked on "Copy HTML", the following dialog is visualized allowing you generating HTML code for embedding ECLAP content in two different manners:

In the case in which you pressed Embed the following preview is provided in a few seconds:

Thus, by pressing "Copy HTML to Clipboard" you are going obtain in the clipboard of your computer a HTML code similar to the following. It allows you to past it into your web page of your web portal by using your preferreed HTML editor (this means that you have to past in your HTML code and not into the graphic editor, in ECLAP web pages this means to pass at pasting the HTML into the Source of the web page):

<iframe src='' width='300' height='200' frameborder='0'></iframe>
If you like to change the size you can do changing "width='300' height='200'". The default is 300x200 pixels. Moreover, we suggest you to limit he embedding at 3-4 per web page to keep the web page fast enough, since they are quite heavy to be loaded by your browser.
The following are examples of a video and an audio content:

also images and pdf can be embedded:

but even HTML based content:

and flash content (not for iPhone/iPad):

Moreover also 3D content can be embedded but can be viewed only on windows PCs with the specific plug-in.

and also Braille music that needs to be downloaded and open with a specific program (only on PCs):

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