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Welcome to Archibraille as new affiliated partner of ECLAP

Gepubliceerd door de root Wo, 2011-07-06 08:18

ARCHIBRAILLE association has a solid experience in the field of teaching and innovative solutions for blind musicians. ARCHIBRAILLE has a music editor for blind users called BME ( and musical code format BMML, an 8-dot editor for writing mathematics in Braille (, a linear code for representing mathematics in Braille called Lambda code.

The association organizes courses throughout Italy to support teachers and assistants to the study of blind children on methods of teaching mathematics and music in Braille. Archibraille operates the first online archive of existing Braille music scores in electronic format (, and has numerous partnerships of transcribers who work for the growth of the portal. To date, the portal makes available to users over 1000 scores in Braille.

ARCHIBRAILLE library offers a larger number of Braille music scores, available in the BMML format, a descriptive language for Braille music scores.

Read more in their forthcoming group on ECLAP.