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ECLAP Group Designer, for styling your own group

Each group be customized with a different style with:
  • your personal group logo on top
  • your preferred colours for each element of the graphic design
  • deciding the to on/off some blocks on the right side
  • deciding the usage of search capabilities (available soon)
In the following two examples are reported.

development group   ctfr example  

The User manual is accessible from:
Group Designer User Manual
User manual of graphical group designer


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INDICATE project: best practice handbook now online

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ICT Proposers Day 2012. Full report online

On the occasion of the ICT Proposers' Day 2012 held in Warsaw on 26 and 27 September 2012, the Polish National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the European Union, the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, published in cooperation with the Polish participants of FP7 ICT and e-Infrastructures as well as CIP-ICT PSP projects a publicatio

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Archives in the Digital Era: scoping study report - publicly available

The Australia Council made the  "Archives in the Digital Era: scoping study report" - publicly available.

The full report, Australian case studies, glossary and links to international projects, licensed as a Creative Commons Australia Attribution 3.0 and all as downloadable PDFs, (as well as an
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Now available on Project MUSE - CTR 152 / Fall 2012 "Costumes and Costuming"

Costumes are perhaps the least ephemeral element of a performance – how we come to think of them is the theme. This issue is unique as it features a portfolio of costume design research by François Barbeau, rather than a script.

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Relationships among audiovisual content in ECLAP via MyStoryPlayer

From this page you can access to the interactive network of relationships defined among audiovisual media by using MyStoryPlayer tools. Two different views are available, you can click on them to enter into the corresponding interactive page where you can drag and drop the single images to see their relationships.


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Welcome to Bueno Cultural Association forum
Welcome into this group

ECLAP new user to user suggestion engine

ECLAP preparing a new user suggestion tool please help us in providing you a better service
expressing your feeling in being similar with suggested colleagues from this tuning page.

Thanks a lot for your collaboration.

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ECLAP at Lu.Be.C Lucca Beni Culturali

Lu.Be.C. - Lucca Beni Culturali – is the international meeting dedicated to the knowledge and development of cultural heritage – technology – tourism, which takes place every year in Lucca, in the third week of October.

ECLAP will participate to the Lu.Be.C with a stand and will be presented during the "Technology development and integration between preservation systems and enhancement of cultural heritage" workshop.

From the 18th to the 20th of October 2012, Lucca will host the 8th edition of Lu.Be.C. - Lucca Cultural Heritage, organized by Promo PA Foundation under the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Ministry of Economic Development and with the support of the Tuscany Region, local government and the most important local bank foundations.

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