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ECLAP // Best Practice Recommendations for performing arts education and training, June 2013

In performing arts education there is a huge need for online accessible, usable resources and yet there is a great lack of these trusted, digital resources. Parallel, digital tools and strategies are slowly adopted in performing arts education and innovation in terms of the integration of learning and task related applications is lacking behind.
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UvA - ECLAP Seminar, Dutch dance and theatre performances online. Amsterdam, June 13, 2013


ECLAP Seminar Department of Theatre Studies
University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Thursday June 13 2013

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Mobilizing the languages of making
A workshop on dance criticism by Jeroen Peeters
09th to 13th July.2013, Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória, Porto

How do choreographers work today? How do they speak about their method? In newspapers artists are interviewed about their world-view, in the weekend editions about their lives, and in specialised journals about their artistic intentions and poetics. Yet seldom are they addressed as makers, which renders the languages of making inaccessible and inexistent even for interested audiences. How can one make a start with documenting, discussing and sharing the hybrid and heterogeneous practices that underpin the performing arts today? How can the informal and embodied discourses, as well as the implicit knowledge they carry, find a wider recognition and accessibility? Here is a task for dance criticism to reinvent itself in dialogue with artists and their practice. And a task for artists to exchange about their methods and ways of embedding critical reflection in their creative processes.

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Call for papers: Digital Archives & Open Archival Practices

Call for papers: Convergence: Special themed issue
Vol 21, no 1 (February 2015)

Digital Archives & Open Archival Practices
Guest Editors: Sarah Atkinson and Sarah Whatley
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ECLAP Seminar at the University of Amsterdam

ECLAP Seminar at the Department of Theatre Studies University of Amsterdam on Thursday June 13, 1 – 6 PM. Dutch dance and theatre performances online: Performance registrations for education and research.


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What the ECLAP Users likes about the content and metadata model

According to our analysis the ECLAP users like about ECLAP content and metadata:
  • very good information realted to all performance art science,
  • amount of materials available,
  • many great content providers from all over Europe!
  • magnificent content,
  • unique possibility to work with performance related content.
  • trans-nationality of the content is fantastic
  • you can see by using flags in which language(s) metadata of an object is available
  • Europeana widget: it is well-designed and does not distract users from the ECLAP page, while at the same time it gives them the chance to explore other online heritage as well.
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ECLAP 2013 conference discussion: How to deal with IPR issues for performing arts?

The very last session of the final ECLAP conference was a discussion lead by the IPR and Business Model working group.

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