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  • European Commission has officially launched the ADMS-enabled federation on Semantic descriptors

    Interesting news: the European Commission has officially launched the ADMS-enabled federation on Joinup. You can find a link to the press release below:
    Gepubliceerd door de root Vrij, 2013-02-01 17:42
  • New search capability on ECLAP

    According to users' request we have improved the search capabilities of the ECLAP frontal search box
    with operators. This new powerful feature is described with a small user manual/help that describes the operators you can use: AND, OR, NOT, + - and deep search tick into the following help search page:

    At the same time the deep search now satisfies to permitting the search on all languages and all the metadata we have into ECLAP, more than 500 fields for each object!! That feature is accessible with the simple tick of the deep search in the frontal page....

    enjoy!! ECLAP developers.


    Gepubliceerd door de root Wo, 2013-01-09 20:00

    E' aperta la procedura negoziale volta a selezionare una proposta economica per la realizzazione di un video promozionale del progetto europeo ECLAP, la biblioteca digitale sulle arti dello spettacolo (

    Scadenza: ore 12:00 del 7 dicembre 2012
    Gepubliceerd door de root Maan, 2012-12-03 11:39
  • ECLAP experimenting Content based Information Retrieval

    An experiment on Content Based Information Retrieval has been conducted on ECLAP content, by using over than 10 different algorithms (you can select the algorithms you prefer and compare their capabilities). You can play with the solution results be accessing to the web page:

    The related details and documentation can be accessed from

    Two examples are reported in the following.

    cbir1 cbir2


    Gepubliceerd door de root Zat, 2012-11-10 17:34
  • ECLAP Group Designer, for styling your own group

    Each group be customized with a different style with:
    • your personal group logo on top
    • your preferred colours for each element of the graphic design
    • deciding the to on/off some blocks on the right side
    • deciding the usage of search capabilities (available soon)
    In the following two examples are reported.

    development group   ctfr example  

    The User manual is accessible from:
    Group Designer User Manual
    User manual of graphical group designer


    Gepubliceerd door de root Zat, 2012-11-10 17:15