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ADHS Performing Arts Licence Conditions

The AHDS Performing Arts service ceased to be funded by JISC in 2007. The text of the past license form used for managing the collections is available for view here.

Please note: The agreement between the Depositor and the University of Glasgow acting on behalf of AHDS Performing Arts provided the legal permissions and warranties needed to allow AHDS Performing Arts and the AHDS to preserve, and made accessible in a variety of formats and media, the deposited materials for educational purposes. Access to the collections deposited on behalf of AHDS Performing Arts to the University of Glasgow will only be available to Authorised Users who have agreed to abide by the indicated license conditions. These conditions also apply to the ECLAP Portal.

This is a non-exclusive license, which ensures that copyright in the original data is not transferred by this agreement and provides other safeguards for the Depositor such as requesting acknowledgement in any publications arising from future research using the data. It permits use of the Data Collection only for non-commercial purposes, teaching, research and private study. Cataloguing information and documentation can be publicly available but access to the Data Collection will only be available to Authorised Users who have agreed to abide by license conditions unless the Depositor has stated that the Data Collection can be available to any user.

Designing Shakespeare collection
All of the information provided as part of this AHDS Performing Arts project is made freely available for use in lecturers, seminars, assignments,presentations, theses and performances within an educational environment. The copyright of all of these materials remains with the copyright holders who are clearly indicated in the metadata. If you would like to use the materials found here for commercial or income-generating purposes YOU MUST CONTACT THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS DIRECTLY AND ARRANGE A COMMERCIAL LICENSE.

Copyright holders may be contacted through the following addresses:

Text: All reviews must be referenced to the original sources as stated. Allother information should refer to this project giving a URL and date of search. No permission is required for individual use of entries or use of groups of up to 40 entries.

Images: Commercial use of all images must be negotiated with the copyright holders indicated in the IPR Information field of each digital object:

Donald Cooper, Photostage, P. O. Box 65,Milton Keynes, MK5 7YT. Email: donald.cooper AT

Tom Holte: Shakespeare Centre Library, The Shakespeare Centre, HenleyStreet, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6QW. Email: library AT

Janet Arnold: Dr. Christie Carson,Department of Drama and Theatre, Royal Holloway, University of London,Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX. Email: comph AT

Video Interviews: All or part of the video interviews must be licensed from: Dr. Christie Carson, Department of Drama and Theatre, Royal Holloway,University of London, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX. Email: comph AT

VRML Models: Commercial use of the VRMLmodels or images generated from these models must be licensed from: Chris Dyer, Department of Drama and Theatre, Royal Holloway, Universityof London, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX. Email: openstages AT

The copyright holders and the creative participants involved in the making of these productions retain moral rights regardless of the free distribution of these materials on the web. Misuse, distortion or libellous use of these materials could result in legal action.

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