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ECLAP e-Learning Facilities

The NEW e-Learning facilities on ECLAP are related to the possibility of:

  • accessing to ECLAP content for educational purpose with less restrictions (i.e., more permissions) for teachers, professors, researchers and students; accessing content also on mobile devices.
  • accessing to ECLAP e-learnign courses, which are a composition of ECLAP content and much more as explained in the following.
  • creating a course to be accessed by students that have to be registered users of ECLAP and authorized by the teacher to follow the course, providing access to these coruses to qualified students and controlling their progresses.

The New eLearning facilities of ECLAP are accessible only for New affiliated  partners.
An authorized teacher/editor can create a course on the basis of a selection of ECLAP content, web pages, etc., and media content coming from outside, for example a video on YouTube, or other portals, stand alone web pages, text, etc. The concept of ECLAP collection to aggregate objects is one of the shortcut mechanisms to create a course based on ECLAP content. Typically, the teacher create a set of private collections regarding the lesson argument, then the teacher can pass to the Course Authoring Tool to compose the course and the lesson units by selecting the content file from those collections. It is a very simple process. the Course Authoring Tool is substantially a standard Moodle facility. Moodle is well know and largely diffuse LMS, that composed with ECLAP content facilities and AXCP back office create the XLMS,  the Cross Media Learning Managment System and solution. The XLMS is a Social Learning Managament Systems with cross media content.
A ECLAP course may present all the classical features and units of a Moodle course (for  instance SCORM based), and may be accessed by PC and mobiles devices such as iPad. A Course can be aggregated together with other courses to form a master or an Univeristy Course comprised on 1 or more years, a full degree. The single Course can be comprised of several elements and infromation that can be managed by one or more teachers and that can be summarized as:

  • title, description, tests, etc.;
  • a large set of lesson units that can be
    • ECLAP objects/content files as:
      • audio, video, and images;
      • documents of any size (pdf, word, ebook, epub, excel files, etc.);
      • slides (powwer point, pdf slides, video and sinchronized slides with audio aside to be accessed in streaming); They can be easily create, please ask to for information;
      • playlists, aggregated objects, collections;
      • animations in flash;
      • annotations on audio visual wiith MyStoryPlayer, related tracks of experiences
      • self test tools that can be used for on-line and off-line assessment, on PC and mobile. They are typically realized as intelligent content items produced and distributed by means of the ECLAP portal;
      • comments on the above objects.
    • ECLAP blogs elements, working group blog and content, ECLAP news, etc.
    • external web pages,
    • external video from other video providers as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
    • external links to outside, etc.;
  • some explanatory text for each unit and lesson segment, including program and annotations; The text that may help your students to follow the rational of the course and to manage the material that you are providing them;
  • questionnaires and/or sondages, to collect data and perform evaluation/assessment directly from the students, to analyze them on the ECLAP e-learning facilities;
  • self test tools that can be used for on-line and off-line assessment, on PC and mobile. They are typically realized as intelligent content items produced and distributed by means of the ECLAP portal;
  • a set of teachers and tutors for each course.
The e-Learning facilities of ECLAP have been enforced in ECLAP Portal integrating Moodle tool with ECLAP facilities and media processing tools, the ECLAP back office. Therefore, each teacher has at disposal an enhanced Moodle e-learning facilities for student management, progress monitoring, assessment and also for simple course composition. While, at level of the single unit lesson, the ECLAP is much more powerful than the classical Moodle since ECLAP provides cross media and multimedia management, production and distribution without any effort of the teacher and also the possibility of using intelligent and interactive content on PC and mobiles. In addition, ECLAP also provide support for the social integration via a set of valuable ECLAP tools.
The content annotation, aggregation and enrichment models and facilities of ECLAP are a strong tool for educational purposes. Please access to the related web page and user manual for details.
If you are interested in creating a course, please contact the ECLAP coordinator:
The following links may help you to get some examples and/or courses developed by your colleagues.
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