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Embedding and Citing ECLAP Content in your web pages has never been so easy!!!!

Kiadja a root Tue, 2012-07-13 14:53

The support  for embedding and citing ECLAP content in third party web portal is completed!!

You can find information about HOW to Promoted ECLAP Content in your web pages via simple references or embedding the ECLAP players by using the following web pages:

So that, if your content has the correct IPR model you can embed in your web pages you content coming from ECLAP. please try it immediately. It is very simple to update the IPR model, in a couple of click you can enable the Embedding to all you content that have the same IPR model.

To share ECLAP content in your elaborates has never been so easy!!!
So that it is perfect solution for your students, research and for exploiting the ECLAP service from your institutional portals without spending time and money in hosting files, addressing formatting, managing the mobile access, etc. For ECLAP is a pleasure to provide these services for you.