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New features on ECLAP: Europeana search and Collection/Essay management

Publié par le Lun., 2011-04-04 19:20 root

1) a block echoing the queries performed on the frontal page on EUROPEANA. This allows at the user to see in single shot what is available on ECLAP and on Europeana.
If the user is interested to see more can go directly on Europeana. This block has been built by  BnG.
2) a block allowing you to create your own personal collection of content. the so called and requested Essay from **Erik**. You can create the collection with the simple add to collection.
Once the collection of content is performed you can move the single items to your personal collections...organized as folders (only one layer).
You can decide to publish a Your personal collection. Thus you have to provide a title and a full set of metadata.... The published collections are indexed and found as the other content.
The collections are first aggregation model to create ECLAP e-learning course. Once created and published a collection, an user may even update it\adding and or removing content items. A collection may contains play lists !!! This block has been built by DSI DISIT people.