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Blog of group: WG: Performing Arts Education and Training tools

  • ECLAP // Best Practice Recommendations for performing arts education and training, June 2013

    In performing arts education there is a huge need for online accessible, usable resources and yet there is a great lack of these trusted, digital resources. Parallel, digital tools and strategies are slowly adopted in performing arts education and innovation in terms of the integration of learning and task related applications is lacking behind.
    Publié par le Mar., 2013-06-25 16:08 Josefien Schuurman
  • UvA - ECLAP Seminar, Dutch dance and theatre performances online. Amsterdam, June 13, 2013


    ECLAP Seminar Department of Theatre Studies
    University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam
    Thursday June 13 2013

    Publié par le Mar., 2013-06-25 09:58 Josefien Schuurman
  • ECLAP Seminar at the University of Amsterdam

    ECLAP Seminar at the Department of Theatre Studies University of Amsterdam on Thursday June 13, 1 – 6 PM. Dutch dance and theatre performances online: Performance registrations for education and research.


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  • ECLAP Best Practice Survey 2012

    Dear colleague,
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  • Working group A - Call for Papers

    From the 7th-9th of Mai 2012 the first ECLAP conference will be held in Florence, Italy. Working group A is organizing a workshop on educational services for the performing arts domain. Find details on the Call for Papers here.
    Publié par le Mar., 2011-12-13 12:58 Josefien Schuurman