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  • BAYNES, Sydney, "Destiny (Slow waltz)", SCORE
    BAYNES, Sydney Destiny (Slow waltz) score/Printed Score piano english published by Watson Wilcock&Co.Ltd. London England 8 pages ESMAE's library cop.1912 dedicated to Mabelle Fournier reference to ...
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  • Il Municipio Roma 5 Porta Viaria della Via Francigena nel Sud
    12 aprile 2014 - Alla Casa della Cultura, spazio di eventi culturali del Municipio Roma 5, nel verde di Villa de Sanctis in Via Casilina 665 a Roma, la Associazione Culturale Onlus ICT Ad Duas ...
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  • Fidelio
    Genre: review; Photographer: Reviczky Zsolt;
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  • Interview with Balázs Kovalik
    Interview with opera director Balázs Kovalik about his 2008 performance of Beethoven's Fidelio at the State Opera House in Budapest
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  • Galantes Scènes
    Adaptation et mise en scène: Dirk OPSTAELE; Scénographie: Yoeri LEWIJZE et Dirk OPSTAELE; Régie: Yoeri LEWIJZE; Costumes: Véronique SEYMAT; Création: Ensemble Leporello; Baryton: Yu-Hsiang HSIEH; ...
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    Photographie de "Et puis j'ai demande a Christian de jouer l'intro de Ziggy Stardust", un pièce écrite par Renaud COJO. Mise en scène: Renaud COJO, Éclairages: Véronique ...
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  • IMS playlist
    Playlist of images for a demo during the IMS 2012
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  • Dario Fo & Franca Rame Archive, CTFR, Milano, Italia
    Dario Fo & Franca Rame Archive, CTFR, Milano, Italia
    Keskimääräinen: 4 Arvosana: Ei mitään Keskiarvo: 4 (1 vote) Kuvauksessa: It comprehensively represents these 50 years of theatre together, their artistic activity, their political commitment and personal life; it also contains invaluable documents collected by the Rame family of hundreds of years of theatre practice.
  • Fabulous Paris
    'Fabulous Paris' is a virtual oratorio created by composer Trevor Wishart. Tracks: 1) First 3m 40s of "The Division of Labour" 2) First 3m 40s of "Angel" 3) First 3m 40s of "Fabulous ...
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  • Fabulous Paris
    Tracks: 1) First 3m 40s of "The Division of Labour" 2) First 3m 40s of "Angel" 3) First 3m 40s of "Fabulous Paris" Fabulous Paris, a virtual oratorio was premiered in the Sound Travels Festival of ...
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