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How to become an ECLAP partner: New ECLAP Affiliation Programme


ECLAP main aims are:

  • to promote and disseminate Performing Arts’ culture and heritage
  • to give to a wide range of users a personalized and unique engaging experience
  • to bring together hundreds of thousands of quality content on Performing Arts, many of them for the first time accessible online

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ECLAP is a unique tool to promote culture, enhance learning and research in the Performing Arts.

The ECLAP Affiliation Programme allows you to exploit the services and benefits of ECLAP and among them:

  • collaborate with the institution partners of ECLAP in the ECLAP Best Practice Network.
  • participating to ECLAP meetings and workshops,
    • hosting an ECLAP meeting to present and stimulate the usage of ECLAP in your area and towards your related institutions.
    • contributing to the definition of the direction of the next developments for ECLAP.
    • You can play the role of ECLAP representative in your area.
  • usage of ECLAP Service and automated tools to bring your content on Europeana (the European Digital Library) with practically no effort. ECLAP is bringing metadata on Europeana and will guide you in understanding which are the terms of use of Europeana and thus which are your benefits in providing metadata content to Europeana. ECLAP performs all the needed work to prepare and post the metadata to Europeana without additional costs for the Partner, that has only to provide both content and metadata on ECLAP;
  • usage of ECLAP Service portal to promote and distribute your content on PC and mobiles. The access of ECLAP content from mobile can be performed via a simple browser as well as with dedicated free of charge applications that you and your customers can download and install from Apple Store, Microsoft MarketPlace, Android Market, and directly from the ECLAP portal, etc. ECLAP may bring you new users and partners;
  • a personalized channel/group of your institution/company, such as those of the present partners, for presenting your activities, promoting your content and discussing about your topics with your registered users on ECLAP, that is for creating a your community in ECLAP. ECLAP users may have a strong interested in your activity and thus having a group in ECLAP could be a way for you to get access and visibility in their community. You will have the full control on your group in ECLAP, including access control, and registration control. Access control is also active on your content via the IPR Wizard. Moreover, ECLAP Partners have the capability of monitoring what is going on their content with a simple monitoring panel and data analysis tools;
  • automated content ingestion and repurposing of ECLAP for content distribution toward PC, mobile, etc. Your content will be managed on the basis of the ECLAP Terms of Use, according to the permissions/restrictions you would like to impose on your content and redirecting interested users (educational and non-educational) to your commercial or non-commercial portal;
  • access to the ECLAP services, portal and tools with a higher level of privileges;
  • usage of IPR Wizard for regulating the access conditions to your content with respect to the ECLAP portal different users. The access to content is regulated by the Terms of Use;
  • access to working group material as best practice guidelinesand information and to their internal meetings; 
  • access to administration and monitoring tools, in order to supervise the development of the contents and the activity of the groups/channel members, and social network analysis.

Joining Eclap is easy and gives you the chance to choose between three Affiliation Levels, in order to satisfy your institution/company needs.


Eclap model

To become an Affiliated ECLAP Partner your institution/company has only to sign the Affiliation Agreement available at the following links:
Please, see also Terms  of Use and Privacy Policy. 

Contact Information
For any further information and support, please contact:
Silvia Bardotti
Mobile: +39 331 6691093
Eclap c/o DISIT Lab - University of Florence - via Santa Marta, 3 - I-50139 Florence

Frequently asked questions about Affiliation to ECLAP
Question Answer
What are the ECLAP numbers?
  • More 1.500.000 accesses in 2013
  • More than 35 international Institutions/groups
  • 21 languages supported
  • About 180.000 content
What ECLAP offers?
  • multilingual metadata
  • direct connection with EUROPEANA, DbPedia, Geoname andmany Social Networks
  • personalized access and newsletters
  • Personal playlists, collections and courses
  • any format and device supported
How would the Affiliated be involved on the portal? Affiliated partners can be involved according to their interest.
It is mandatory for an Affiliated partner to have a channel for content and manage it? No, it is not mandatory. An affiliated partner may become affiliated without the intention of having in ECLAP a group or channel for content. These issues can be stated into the Annex A of the Affiliation agreement. Moreover, if the conditions changes, and the partner started without a group/channel discover later the need to have it; then ECLAP can activate it in short time.
What does being part of the Eclap Board of Directors mean? Eclap is no profit and the Board of Directors is entitled to decide how to use the budget collected from the new affiliations. Each Affiliated partner, being part of the BOD, contribute to the definition of the Eclap strategic plan and definition.
How is the affiliation process? The affiliation process is very simple. You can download the above reported Affiliation Agreement. You have to fill it and sign it in 3 copy and send these 3 copies to:

Prof. Ph.D. Paolo Nesi
Department of Information Engineering
University of Florence
Via S. Marta 3, - 50139 Firenze, Italy.

You can anticipate the compiled agreement and/or the signed version via email at  A signed copy will be returned to you with our signature, completing the process.
In the Appendix A of the Agreement you have to describe your supposed activity in ECLAP, if you can.
Is it an institutional relationship or is it something more practical? It is much more a practical agreement rather than a formal general document to be signed at high level among institutions chief. So that, from ECLAP side, it signed by the director of the department and by the ECLAP coordinator. From your side, it has to be signed by who has the legal authority to do it.
What compromises would they have with ECLAP? The Affiliation agreement is a very simple and clear document.  
It is possible to choose between three Affiliation Levels which one meets the needs of your institution/company.
How long is the Affiliation Agreement valid? The Affiliation Agreement is valid, from the date of the signature, for one year. It is automatically renovated annually by the payment of the annual subscription.

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