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ECLAP Content Aggregation and Enrichment

ECLAP provides to Registered Users the possibility of commenting, annotating, aggregating, tagging, voting and enriching content according to several different modalities.
Many different kinds of Aggregation and enrichment:  

Content Enrichment and Annotation

Among the  several possibilities for content annotation and enrichment, the user can:
  • leave comments to each content element (changing and deleting your comments). The search capabilities of ECLAP also index the comments you provide so that they can be retrieved;
  • assign an appreciation rate/vote to each ECLAP content, the resulted averaged vote and the number of votes are presented;
  • associate one or more taxonomical classifications and group associations to each content during the upload. The search capabilities of ECLAP also index the taxonomical classification provided;
  • leave a set of tags for each content, and see the tags assigned by other users;
  • establishing synchronization/annotations among audiovisual content (audio, video, images) and attaching to them textual and semantic annotations. This feature is provided by exploiting MyStoryPlayer tool; This tool allows to perform non linear navigation among the annotations established. The navigation can be saved/recorded as a personal navigation experience and these experiences can be shared among Registered Users and retrieved to and by your colleagues. They can be useful for educational purpose; See als othe tool support for automated production of annotations.
  • see multilingual translations of provided metadata in several languages. These translations can be revised and validated by other users which are experts in the correspnding language. If you are interested in that activity please contact a group coordinator to become revisor for that group in your language;
  • exploit the automated production of Augmented Reality technical metadata such as format, type, duration, size, QR to shortening the access and download of the content etc.; The back office also automatically transcode to prepare content to be used on mobiles and other devices;
  • edit and/or add metadata via the ECLAP Metadata Editor accessible to content owners (you can use it on the content you uploaded. It is also accessible for who has been delegated by the content provider institution managing a group) and for Registered Users entitled to play the role of content enricher;
  • add IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) permission models and constraints to each single content and the Europeana Rights formalization via the IPR Wizard tool. This feature is also accessible  for group coordinator and IPR Managers delegated by them.

Content Aggregations

The content aggregation facilities of ECLAP allow you to create, play and share:
  • Play lists are grouping of audio visual content that can be played once or in a continue loop (images, audio, and video). You can create your own PlayLists. The play lists are also indexed as regular content and can be used in ECLAP e-learning courses. The audiovisual content included into a play list may consists of a segment of a video or audio, while the real execution of the play list does not implies the production of new content, nor the slicing of the original content.
  • Collections are simple grouping of content items and do not have any semantic meaning. A Collection may include any kind of content items, including play lists. All the registered users of ECLAP can create their own collection, that can be private and then published to be shared. So that the Collection can be personal private collections and then the user may decide to publish/share his/her personal Collection to the ECLAP community. This permits to make visible the colllection to all the other colleagues. The published collections can be updated and used as the primary container and sources for creating ECLAP Courses via the e-learning facilities of ECLAP.
  • e-learning courses, are regular SCORM courses in the Cross Media Learning Management Systsem of ECLAP. An ECLAP course may contain are lesson units any kind of ECLAP content that can be played/accessed/ used to follow the whole course. A course may be comprised of any kind of content items, including play lists and/or collection. Registered Users may be registered to each single course by means of the administrator and/or the Course Teacher, the list of teachers for each course is accessible in the list of courses. The e-learning facility allows to monitor the e-learning activities, access to the content items which are the basic elements of the ECLAP course.
  • Annotations experiences and relationships among audio visual content via the MyStoryPlayer tool. Moreover, the user can create effective networks of annotations among the several audiovisual, and may record and share the navigations performed passing from one audiovisual to the next via the annotations and clicking on them with mouse, changing the current context.
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The good example of good content aggregation is possibility to comment , and aggregate. Another good example is leaving comments.