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Desarrollo: First skype conference call on DE2.1.1

I would like to ask those directly involved in DE2.1.1 work (B&G, UNIROMA, DSI, FRD, NTUA) to let me know when they could have a Skype conference call about the work to be done. Among other things, we should discuss: - In general: divide who is going to do which tasks? - The set-up of the requirements survey, what needs to be changed or added? - The set-up of DE2.1.1 (especially the methodology of gathering use cases and requirements, set-up of describing use cases) - A definitive location for the September 8 requirements meeting I want to hold the meeting tomorrow afternoon. Since there is a tight deadline for the deliverable we need to work fast. I would like to have at least one person per deliverable partner involved. I will extensive minutes of what is discussed that will be distributed among the ones that can't make it, and the other partners who will not take part in the conference call. Let me know if you can make it, and if so, what your Skype name is so I can start a conference call group. Best, Lotte
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we preer the chat, since text remains and the call is hard to do with several people
Dear Paolo (assuming you are 'root'?),

Chatting in text defies the purpose of direct contact and would become a mess I think. Of course, you can type during the call if you want to save some comments or record what is said, but I will [1] take minutes [2] record the conversation as an mp3 which can be used for reference if needed.

I will make sure that we will cover the topics I sent via e-mail, and also make sure everyone gets to talk of course.

@Nicola, Michela, and Piero, what are your Skype names?



we will share the skype connection with Paolo

Ok, great! Thanks Piero. Then I have all Skype contacts I need, except for Emanuele's. Hopefully he will be able to join; he's in Ireland at the moment.
Best, Lotte
Hi, Lotte,
15:00 is OK for us (Paolo, Nicola, Michela and me), will it be a chat or a voice call?
Hi Piero,

Great that you all can make it! It will be a voice call.


Hi Jaap,

15:00 is great!

Hi Lotte,

joining the call would be fine. I prefer 15:00. Is that ok with you?