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ECLAP 2013 - Conference General Programme

ECLAP 2013
2nd International Conference on Information Technologies
for Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment

8-10 April 2013
ESMAE/Teatro Helena Sá e Costa
Rua da Alegria, 503 - 4000-045 Porto (Portugal)

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Conference Opening with

"Culture and creativity in the digital realm: a boost from the past"

Keynote Speakers (invited):

             “Multimodal Glossaries; a new entrance to artistic insights of dance praxis”
             “Representing the museum, promoting an exhibition, or describing an object: how we use digital media
              to promote our collections”

"The Space project, a partnership between Arts Council England and the BBC: update and initial findings"

Sessions and tracks

  • General track (1) on Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment - DAY 1 - Plenary Room

    • 11.30-12.00  Emily Robertson - Developing a Typology of Non-Computerised Experimental Music Notations: An Experiment in Open Frames
    • 12.00-12.30 Adriano Baratè, Luca Andrea Ludovico - Algorithmic Generation of Music Tunes for an iPhone Game
    • 15.00-15.30 Pierfrancesco Bellini, Paolo Nesi - A Linked Open Data service for performing arts  
    • 15.30-16.00 Matt Benatan, Kia Ng - Feature Matching of Simultaneous Signals for Multimodal Synchronization 

  • General track (2) on Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment - DAY 2 - Plenary Room

    • 10.30-11.00 Uros Damnjanovic, Sorin Hermon - Bringing New Life to Video Narratives for Exploring Cultural Heritage 
    • 11.30-12.00 Sarah Whatley - The challenge of the inter in the preservation of cultural heritage; the intangibility of the material and immaterial dancing body in performance
    • 12.00-12.30 Carla Fernandes - The TKB project: creative technologies for performance composition, analysis and documentation 
    • 12.30-13.00 Katerina El Raheb, Yannis Ioannidis - Dance in the World of Data & Objects
    • 14.00-14.30 Fei Su, Giacomo Tartari, John Markus Bjørndalen, Hoai Phuong Ha, Otto Anshus - MultiStage: Acting Across Distance

  • General track (3) on Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment - DAY 3 - Plenary Room
    • 10.30-11.00 Joanne Armitage, Kia Ng - Augmented Opera Performance 
    • 11.30-12.00 Oliviero Ponte di Pino - Contemporary Italian Theatre on the Web:  a short history and some perspectives
    • 12.00-12.30 Donatella Gavrilovich - How to catalogue the cultural heritage “spectacle”
    • 12.30-13.00 Carlo Drioli, Claudio Allocchio, Nicola Buso - Networked Performances and Natural Interaction via LOLA: Low Latency High Quality A/V Streaming System

  • Best Practices Session: Trust and Quality in Cultural Heritage Digital Libraries
    • 16.30-17.00 Luigi Briguglio, Silvio Salza, Maria Guercio - Preserving Authenticity Evidence to Assess Provenance and Integrity of Digital Resources
    • 17.00-17.30 Angela Di Iorio, Marco Schaerf - Applicability of digital library descriptive metadata to the contemporary artworks The Sapienza Digital Library case study 
    • 17.30-18.00 Emanuele Bellini, Paolo Nesi - Metadata Quality assessment tool for Open Access Cultural Heritage institutional repositories 
    • 18.00-18.30 Achille Felicetti, Franco Niccolucci - Validating the Digital Documentation of Cultural Objects 
    • 18.30 Open Discussion
  • Best Practices Session: Educational Services for the Performing Arts
    • 14.30-15.00 Attila Szabó - Multimedia Performance Reconstruction as a Challenge to Theatre History Writing. Using interactive models of historical theatre performances in the education of performing arts 
    • 15.00-15.30 Lillian Manzor, Kyle Rimkus, Mitsunori Ogihara - Cuban Theatre Digital Archive: A Multimodal Platform for Theatre Documentation and Research 
    • 15.30-16.00 Maia Borelli - How Online Digital Library are changing Theatre Studies and Memories? 
    • 16.30-17.00 Peter Eversmann - Education-Performing Arts-Information Technology: an Impossible Triangle?
    • 17.00 Open Discussion

  • Best Practices Session: How to Deal with IPR Issues for Performing Arts Content
    • 13.00-14.00 Open Discussion [slides]

ECLAP Tutorial and Training - DAY 2 - Room B

Open to all interested people and specially tuned for new partners, content providers, archives, library, institutions, museums, etc., that would like to know more about ECLAP and its usage for education, archiving, distribution, leasure, etc.

  • Introduction and overview to ECLAP: What is ECLAP? How to get involved?, Why? the ECLAP Tools, ECLAP and Europeana, ECLAP on mobile experience.
  • How to work on ECLAP, content ingestion, aggregation, publication, integration with Europeana, ECLAP semantic model
  • Send an expression of interest to


Posters (in proceedings)

  • Pierfrancesco Bellini, Ivan Bruno, Paolo Nesi - A workflow model and architecture for content and metadata management based on grid computing.
  • Antonella Guidazzoli, Maria Chiara Liguori, Mauro Felicori - Open Creative Framework for a Smart Cultural City: Bologna Porticoes and the Involvement of Citizens for a UNESCO Candidacy
  • Atta Badii, David Luigi Fuschi - A unified test procedure designed for monitoring the experimental settings ensuring quality assurance in 3D and stereoscopic productions.


  • Francesca Mereu, Javier Villarroel - VISIONS PROJECT K.1 DIY 3D INTERACTIVE DEVICE.   
  • João Nuno Neto, Maria João Neto - Immersive cultural experience through innovative multimedia applications: The History of Monserrate Palace in Sintra (Portugal) presented by Virtual Agents. 
  • Robert Wechsler - MotionComposer: a device for persons with (and without) disabilities.

Past edition links

Past edition figures:
  • In the ECLAP 2012 edition 65 papers were submitted
  • 220 registrations
  • 140 presences at the conference coming from 17 countries
  • Paper acceptance rate: 36%


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