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  • Welcome to Digitalmeetsculture!
    Welcome to Digitalmeetsculture!
    The phenomenon of globalization and the spread of digital infrastructures - which are both the means and the cause of globalization itse
  • ECLAP Sustainability, September 2013
    ECLAP Sustainability, September 2013
    According to the present ECLAP service and portal, former ECLAP partners are going to continue providing the ECLAP service alive. On the other hand, in order to keep it updated and alive according, we need to sustain minimum costs per year. Among the activities planned: (i) the enlargement of the network and (ii) the set up of a crowdsourcing mechanism that would allow the publication of small money requests to get founding from the crowd for small projects (for example, the digitization  and publication of a small content collection, etc.). Therefore, we are collecting a number of clear commitments on supporting ECLAP in the new phases, and participating to the new set up of the Board of Directors. Please contact ECLAP at with a short email if you are interested in contributing to ECLAP sustainability and boards.