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General Management: M12 deliverable for the review meeting

we are approaching a period dense of deadlines. a set of them are planned for the END OF JUNE. They have to be firmly close for the 30 of June. So that I think that we should have from the DE Responsible the structure of the DE for the 25th of may and a good draft (90%) for the 15th of June. Any anticipation would be appreciated since I will have to revise all of THEM in short time. An see them closed to my desk for the 23 June Maximum. They are: --DE1-2-1-Periodic-Report-M12-DSI (Paolo Nesi) --DE3-2-Accessibility-Multilingual-M12-NTUA (With contribution of Pierfrancesco Bellini and Ivan Bruno) --DE5-2-1-Best-Practice-WGs-M12-UNIROMA (Raffaella Santucci and all WG leaders) with the resport of the WG meeting also --DE6-1-1-Early-Validation-Service-Optim-M12-DSI (Pierfrancesco Bellini, Daniele Cenni, Michela Paolucci, Paolo Nesi) --DE7-4-1-Dissemination-report-plan-M12-BELLONE (Nicola Mitolo, may help) with the report of the dissemination performed and plan of the next dissemination to be done. Their definitions if the DOW as you know!!!! Paolo
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