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How to create a Play List on ECLAP

A user, to create a new playlist has to be registered and logged in the portal.

Below each preview icon of an audio, video or image resource, a button “Add to Playlist” is present. By clicking it, a new box named Compose playlist is shown on the right column and the selected title will be added in the list, as shown in the image below. 

For each resource added in the playlist, three buttons are present on the right: the button  visualizes the resource and allows to set some parameters for the play of the resource; the button    allows to modify the content order on the list, and finally the waste bin button to delete the resource from the playlist.


By clicking the button   e    on the right of a content title in the Compose playlist box, the content is played and a set of new command buttons are shown in the play toolbar. These buttons are different according to the resource type played.

In case of a play of an audio or video resource, commands in the play toolbar will be as shown below:

In addition to the typical reload, play e stop buttons, the play toolbar contains also the following:

Set the start of the audio or video excerpt to be included in the playlist (in the form mm:ss)

Set the end of the audio or video excerpt to be included in the playlist (in the form mm:ss)

Delete the defined audio or video excerpts

Add an additional excerpts of the same video or audio resources to the playlist.

The audio or video excerpts defined by the user will be highlighted in red in the play toolbar.

In the playback window, if an excerpt of audio or video content has been added, on the right of the content title the start time and the end time are shown, as shown in the following figure.

In the case of images, the commends available in the play toolbar are the following:

The first button on the left allows to visualize the image in full screen. the other button are the following:

Decrease of 5 seconds the time of visualization of the image

Increase of 5 seconds the time of visualization of the image

Delete the time

Add an new visualization time as new resource in the playlist (it is useful if another visualization of the same image has to be added in the playlist)

Also in the play toolbar, the actual visualization time is shown.

When the procedure of content selection to be included in the playlist has been completed, by clicking the “Save” button a new web page name Upload Playlist is shown, that allows to specify additional parameters related to the playlist.
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