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Europeana and the newly-founded Digital Public Library of America will work together

Udgivet af root Mon, 2011-10-24 14:30

Europeana and the newly-founded Digital Public Library of America [DPLA] have announced that we will work together:
Jill Cousins and Robert Darnton, Harvard Librarian and member of the DPLA Steering Committe, released the joint press statement in Washington on Friday, 21 October.
The principles of agreement are:
  • our systems and data interoperable to the greatest possible extent.
  • promote open access to the greatest possible extent through joint existing and new policies concerning content, data, and metadata
  • collaborate regularly in developing specific aspects of our systems, beginning with: an interoperable data model, a shared source code, co-operative collection building.
The co-partnership is a further reinforcement of Europeana's strategic role as a primary facilitator in our sector, and will also give us access to a wider distribution network for data and our API. Our first task is to use our joint resources to put together a vitual exhibition about migration from Europe to the US.
Robert Darnton is a much-quoted authority on the topic of open access to digital knowledge and publishes regularly in the New York Times, for example, and the New York Review of Books: