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WG: Tools for digitale biblioteker: Work on DE5.2.2

Dear WG-C participants, we are going to use this forum to organize the work on DE5.2.2 Best Practices on Performing art digitallibraries and education tools.
The steps of the work are:
A - To identify 3-4 very notable initiative of digital library on performing arts or related projects

B - To define the criteria/ functionalities / characteristics there can be interesting for the ECLAP portals

C - To evaluate/compare these initiatives respect to the  functionalities and characteristics identified

D - To produce the state of the art

E - To identify which functionalities are missing in these initiatives but useful for the ECLAP
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The CASPAR Project addressed the Digital Preservation topic driven by the OAIS-RM (ISO:14721:2003) in three different domains: Cultural, Performing Art and Scientific. More, CASPAR released its tools on Sourceforge as
Hi all, could you send me your feedback about the structure of the DE sent some days ago on mailing list? If you have some materials to describe the fields indicated in the DE structure, you are free to fill the related chapter :) Moreover, if there are some suggestions on the structure of the DE please send me your feedback. In the DE there are an early list of the ptential project to be analyze and a chapert with some selection criteria that has to be used to select the projects. Again...fill free to add/modify these criteria and the list of the projects...thanks!!
Could this be an interesting context for presenting a project report or poster about ECLAP? Is this year too soon?

Could we organise a Working Group C Meeting at the conference?

The Call for Papers for DC-2011, to be hosted by the National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague, 21-23 September 2011, has been published. The call solicits submissions for Full Papers; Project Reports; Posters; and Special Sessions and DCMI Community Workshop Sessions. Deadline for submissions is 16 April 2011.
I think It could be a very good opportunities!! and..we have to take into account it when the next WG.C workshop will be plan...thank you very much! Moreover, a report/article or a poster on ECLAP in general or the metadata set adopted,or..somethink else can be a good way to disseminate the project...
Hi Emanuele ...
Hi everyone ...

Just wondering where we are in this process, if there is anything we should be "doing" to further along this analysis or have you got it covered?
We ourselves could really use some concrete advice about WHICH tools to use here for inputting/improving metadata on the content that we will upload to ECLAP.
I've checked out the links that Kostas mentioned, but knowing which one would be best to use NOW is still an open question.
Any thoughts/advice?
Hi jana! we are going to share a proposal for a structure of the DE WG-C soon (probably today...) with a description of the rationale...of course the doc is open for changes.. :)
Dear all...I think that we can work direcly on the DE instead of a excel file. I will organize the document where are listed the projects, the criteria, and behind each project the name of who will analyze it. I will share this document with google docs for a collaborative work. For each dubts, questions, decisions, discussions on WG-C activities...I propose to use the forum. For major problems ECLAP mailing list is the right place.If you need to open a new forum topic, please ask to me...I will no problems to set up a new one :)
Perfect!! I agree!!
Hi Emanuele,

looking forward to the google doc :) I will try to give some feedback to this WG as soon as I find time this week.

Hi Jaap,really no problem! :)